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Mexico: Second largest producer of electrical harnesses worldwide

Mexico: Second largest producer of electrical harnesses worldwide

Mexico is positioned as one of the main producers of electrical harnesses, occupying second place nationally, according to Jesús Duarte, president of this year’s WireTech Expo in October.

Internationally, Mexico is among the 15 most important automotive harness exporters in the world. The wire harness market is forecast to experience annual growth of close to 5% by 2022, according to data from WireTech Expo.

Ciudad Juarez: Global harness manufacturing epicenter.

With more than 300 corporations dedicated to the manufacture of electrical harnesses in Mexico, including more than 600 harness plants throughout the country and more than 150 plants in Ciudad Juarez, representing 90% of the plants, this city is positioned as the harness capital of the world.

The harness: a crucial element for a variety of industrial sectors.

The electrical harness, defined by Duarte as the nervous system, is essential for the transmission of data and electrical energy in various equipment and transports. Their manufacture is becoming more and more detailed and demanding to meet the new needs and standards of modern technology.

The types of industries that require harnesses in their assembly processes include automotive, white goods, aerospace, medical, recreational vehicles, military, telecommunications, electronics, heavy vehicles, marine and industrial, among others.

The growth of the harness industry.

Thanks to nearshoring and the proximity to the United States, Mexico has become a strategic country for foreign investment, experiencing great growth in all industry sectors.

Purpose of WireTech Expo

The Wiretech Expo’s mission is to attract new suppliers from different parts of the world who are leaders in high-tech robotic equipment for electrical harness processing. The event seeks to promote compliance with the new and stricter quality standards and requirements demanded by the manufacture of electrical harnesses.

Third edition of the event

WireTech Expo 2023 is expected to attract more than 2,000 visitors including buyers, industry professionals, academics and students, with the participation of approximately 70 exhibiting companies. The event was held October 4-5 at the Expo Convention Center in the city of Chihuahua.