Polyphenylene Oxide or PPE Polyphenylene Ether

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It is a high-temperature thermoplastic. It is rarely used in its pure form due to processing difficulties. It is mainly used as a blend with polystyrene, high-impact styrene-butadiene copolymer, or polyamide. We provide it in the form of standard semi-finished products for machining, extruded into sheets and bars. Due to its particular composition, the PPE polymer shows unusually low moisture absorption. Therefore, good electrical insulation properties are achieved under various humidity and temperature conditions. Chemical attacks from water, most saline solutions, acids, and bases are also minimized with PPE material.

High strength and rigidity
Glass transition temperature is 215 °C
Good electrical insulation properties
Long-lasting dimensional stability
Magnificent impact resistance
Good hydrolytic stability

Mechanical engineering
Food processing
Conveyor technology
Automotive parts
Electrical engineering
Household appliances


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