PC Polycarbonate

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Polycarbonate is a group of thermoplastics that are easy to work with, mold, and thermoform, and are widely used in modern manufacturing. The name “polycarbonate” is based on the fact that they are polymers that have functional groups linked by carbonate groups in a long molecular chain. Carbon monoxide was also used to synthesize C1 on an industrial scale and produce diphenyl carbonate, which is then esterified with a diphenolic derivative to obtain polyaromatic carbonates. These are the result of the reaction of carbon dioxide with epoxides, taking into account that the thermodynamic stability of carbon dioxide requires the use of catalysts. It has a density of 1.20g/cm3 and a temperature range of -100ºC to +135ºC.

High mechanical strength
Good creep resistance
Excellent impact resistance
Very good dimensional stability
Natural color (colorless, translucent)
Parts for medical or pharmaceutical use
Parts for precision mechanisms
Parts for electrical insulation
Parts in contact with food products


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