PA Polyamide

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Thermoplastic that offers an optimal combination of mechanical strength, wear resistance, rigidity, and toughness. All of these make this material a good electrical insulator and have good chemical resistance. Ideal for the manufacture of mechanical elements and for industrial maintenance. It is characterized by having very good fatigue resistance and good dielectric properties. In addition to high hardness and toughness, polyamides also have high resistance to thermal deformation (resistance to temperatures of -40ºC to +100ºC). However, since good mechanical properties are hardly achieved after conditioning the material, this material should be reconditioned after annealing. However, this conditioning will also occur with prolonged air storage.

High resistance and rigidity
High impact resistance and resilience. High resistance to deformation with heat.
High damping power
Good sliding properties
Good fatigue resistance
Easy to machine
Good resistance to chemicals such as organic solvents and fuels
Pump parts
Sliding skates


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